UX Designer & Level Designer


Student game project

Perdition is a fast-paced first-person shooter I made in Unreal Engine 4 with six other students at DigiPen Institute of Technology over a year and a half. As artist and later creative director, I was responsible for making the experience feel cohesive and polished, with a primary focus on the environment and game feel. I created art assets, shaders, VFX assets (including particle systems, camera animations/shakes, and more.

Play Perdition (direct download)

The video below shows the end of the game, which I created with help from our audio lead, Max Hayes. The video does not include all of the end credits for time's sake.

In addition to the extensive VFX work I did for this cinematic, I focused on how the transition from gameplay to scripted events should feel for the user. After the final enemy encounter is finished, simple letterboxing appears over the screen as the camera is directed towards the climactic scene in the sky. Once the player's attention is drawn to this scene, camera control is relinquished and the player is free to move around in the space. We felt that player control was important at this point in our game, so that they still felt like a living character in the world until their last breath.

Below is the trailer for the game put together by our producer, Josh Jacobi.