UX Designer & Level Designer
2019-06-27 11_05_33-Greenshot.png

Sci-Fi FPS HUD Sample

Solo UI demo

 This is a brief demonstration of a HUD I designed for an imaginary sci-fi first person shooter a few years ago as part of a school project at DIgiPen. The design was inspired by games such as Alien: Isolation and the Halo franchise.

First, I show the directional damage feedback on the HUD. If I were to redo this project, I would incorporate a lot of VFX and screen effects to accentuate the impact. Then I demonstrate the pickup UI with the health pack. The ammo interface is shown off next when I shoot, switch weapons, and reload. Notice how the off-hand weapon still flashes red when it’s low on ammo. Finally, I demonstrate objective banners and location banners. All of these elements are able to fit on the screen at once.